Here's what some of our clients have to say.

Lifestyle Transition Management was a tremendous help to me when I was forced to give up my apartment and move to a retirement home. I was physically unable to do anything for myself as I had fallen and broken my hip. Having lived in my apartment for the past 30 years, you can imagine the amount of things I had accumulated. Lifestyle Transition Management came in and methodically packed and sorted all of my possessions, arranged for the disposal of unwanted things and moved everything into my new home. Much to my delight, when I arrived home from the hospital everything was set up and unpacked in my new residence. Having no family in the area, I don’t know what I would have done without LTM. I highly recommend Lifestyle Transition Management to anyone who requires assistance for this type of move. They are thorough, competent and very trustworthy.

Marcelle D.

We have a home-based business and are required to travel outside Canada for extended periods of time, several times a year. We are able to do so with confidence knowing Lifestyle Transition Management will take care of our personal and business affairs in our absence. Our mail, faxes, telephone messages and, when required, emails are actioned promptly and professionally. Our home is cared for and checked regularly. With Mary Blackwell and Lifestyle Transition Management, it is business as usual even though we are thousands of miles away.

Nihal & Subadra K.

When my husband became ill and was no longer able to attend to our financial and administrative affairs, our accountant recommended Mary Blackwell and Lifestyle Transition Management to us. A major concern was the large collection of paper we had accumulated over the years. This was efficiently reviewed, organized, filed or disposed of. A filing system was created and personal records summarized and generally organized in a manner I could deal with. Lifestyle Transition Management has removed a great deal of stress from my life. We continue to meet monthly to ensure our affairs are on track and it is comforting to know that advice and assistance are only a phone call away.

Jean J.

Mary Blackwell at Lifestyle Transition Management managed both my house and handled personal finances for me while I was in Rome for six years until 2001. She had to undertake various repairs to the house and identify, screen and deal with tenants during this time. She deposited money in my accounts and kept meticulous records of all receipts and payments. I was kept informed on a regular basis of all issues arising both from management of my house and my finances. I had absolutely no problems during this time and I am happy to recommend Ms. Blackwell and Lifestyle Transition Management as a very competent and responsible professional.

Doug D.